Full Version: Pakistan vs South Africa - 5th ODI - Match Thread
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As usual pathetic batting performance in final game
Missed Hassan Ali today as he would have made a difference with quick fire 20, 30. Although Imad batted really well!!!
Shadab is a good player but his SR is low and sucks that Malik was runout.
Welp back to watching champions trophy final highlights.
What a fall from grace for Amir....haven't seen such drastic difference in bowling performance within like 1.5 years. Bowling his usual trash, wide half volley every ball.
IT'S OVER!!!!!
(01-30-2019, 07:20 PM)chacha Wrote: [ -> ]As usual pathetic batting performance in final game

hahaha looks like we may not even reach semi final of world cup this year. So much for we will win the world cup.